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Maintaining a clean and safe environment for students and faculty is an imperative for every learning institution. 

SKG is the exclusive provider of cleaning services for many education providers and institutions including some of Australia's most prestigious schools. We understand the requirements and complexities of education environments and provide reliable, responsive, high quality solutions.

Our services include daily, ad hoc and periodical cleaning as well as pest control, property maintenance and security services.

Our professional services are enabled by our innovative technology, SKGenius, and backed by our company's many global accreditations.

We specialize in all areas of school cleaning across Australia including:


Bathrooms and toilets
We thoroughly sanitise bathrooms, employing a hospital-grade disinfectant. There's no stronger solution available for killing germs and bacteria. We can even clean the air using our four filter, backpack-style vacuums which can remove germ microbes and dust from the air.

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The canteen is a frequently visited place at any school and is, therefore, a major source of germs and contamination with children eating and drinking. Our cleaning services will decontaminate and sterilise any canteen, increasing cleanliness and hygiene.


From food crumbs to pencil shavings, school carpets can really get filthy. A dirty carpet can lead to skin irritation, respiratory issues and allergies, so it's important to keep them as clean as possible. With SKG Services we ensure carpets are steam cleaned so all food, drink and the other spillages are removed and sanitized.


School chairs can become covered with ink, markings from shoes and more. We will remove all the markings so that they are all glistening and ready for the following term! One quick clean can make those chairs look brand new, saving your school money.


Our professional school cleaners take extra caution when it involves cleaning classrooms. Our chemical-free cleaning ensures the room is spotless once our team is finished.


Everyone uses the corridors in school and there's nothing worse than walking down a passageway smeared with dirt and grime. Corridors also contain hanging racks that support bags and lockers which can lose their function over time if left dirty. Therefore, it's important to have well-polished corridors right along.


Desks can have all types of inscriptions from the wild imaginations of children. We have the most efficient methods and techniques to clean off desks and make them look brand new.


With so many people touching school doors each day, lots of germs and dirt can accumulate. Even more obvious are the handprints left on glass doors which can be seen all over. We provide top-quality door cleaning facilities to schools, from classroom doors, and hall doors to garage doors, we are going to leave them all spotless!


A quick clean of an office can significantly improve productivity. The last thing anyone wants to do after hours at their desk is to see the crumbs on your floor or the dust on your screen, fortunately, you won’t have to. The SKG Services team can dust your desk, windowsills, computer monitors and more as well as vacuum carpets and mop floors.


Polished floors
Spillages and dirty floors can become a major slipping hazard for running children as well as teachers and visitors. Because of this, we go above and beyond the old sweep and mop. To us, cleaning floors means we are going to scrub, wash, and polish the whole area to make it absolutely spick and span and hazard-free.


Principal’s Office
We can also clean the principal's office, giving it the same level of efficiency and care that the rest of the school receives. Our team knows how to handle fragile items so rest assured we can dust or wipe down any awards or frames present in the room.


Your windows will sparkle inside and out after we’re done with them. We leave no fingerprints on the glass. All surfaces and touch points will be sanitized which is particularly important in places like bathrooms, change rooms and dining areas where there can be plenty of germs.

Cleanliness is critical, not just for students to have a healthy and functional learning environment, but also to create a good impression on the parents of the students. They want a clean and hygienic education environment for their children. Our expert school cleaning contractors will clean every area of the school, disinfecting doorknobs, keyboards and electronic devices. We also remove the trash and recycling, you name it, we can clean it! This assists in satisfying the necessity of a productive learning environment.

Our school cleaning services are available within the term as well as during the holidays.

Value of Cleanliness
SKG professional school cleaning services will contribute to the sense of order, safety, responsibility and professionalism that is the hallmark of any effective educational institution.

Cleaning Services for Schools

Our Commercial Cleaners for Schools deliver a neat and tidy campus and help your schools and universities demonstrate that they are conscientious and fastidious about their professionalism and student care.

  • We pay uncompromising attention to detail
  • We do not interfere with your educational goals
  • We proactively work to enhance our cleaning services for schools
  • We work to building a relationship of trust
  • Doing things right
  • Satisfying our clients
  • Offering your institution value over time
Security in Education

Let us assume the burden of securing your staff, students and assets while you concentrate on delivering the educational expertise, such focus allows.

Chemicals and Solutions


  • The Nanocyn® range of disinfectants and sanitisers are manufactured and distributed by the Microsafe Group. They are a faster-acting, non-toxic and non-corrosive alternative to harsher disinfecting solutions.
  • Tersano's iClean® technology is stronger than bleach and kills up to 99.999% of germs — including viruses similar to the one that causes COVID-19. It removes dirt and stains. It kills mould, mildew and the bacteria that cause odours.


  • Water and energy saving scrubbing and sweeper machines
  • Battery powered back pack vacuums
  • Vehicles utilised on site to transport rubbish etc are battery powered Eg, Golf buggy style
  • Robotics - Whiz robotic vacuums reducing labour and providing 100% consistency with every service

Your teachers, support staff and volunteers also care about their environment. For teachers especially, a clean and well-maintained school environment says you provide the same level of professionalism that you expect of them. They want their school or college campus to reflect the professionalism, strategies and learning outcomes that occur there every day.

We provide a seamless and responsive school cleaning service that frees your personnel to focus on curriculum and student outcomes, and we also allow the Executive staff to focus on team leadership and support. Our cleaners for schools understand the unique needs of schools. They are also sensitive to the concerns of your school's faculty and staff. Informed by many years of experience in the school cleaning field, we are responsive to the complications and nuances of maintaining a clean and tidy campus.

We believe in doing things right, pleasing our clients, and offering your institution value over time.

We aim to exemplify the highest levels of professionalism and school cleaning service, delivering a quality job whilst building a relationship of trust.

Our Other services include Office Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Shopping Centre Cleaning, Public Building Cleaning, Commercial Property cleaning.

Our University and School cleaning services do not interfere with your educational goals, but we proactively work to enhance them.

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