About SKG Services

SKG Services is a full-service property services company. We deliver ‘soft services’, namely cleaning, security and maintenance company services to business and government clients across Australia. With more than 45 years in business, we have one of the most skilled teams of professionals in the industry. With our head office in Sydney, and a network of offices around the country, we deliver services in urban and regional Australia.


At SKG Commercial Cleaning, through our proprietary cleaning process, we provide, simply the best and most professional cleaning services in the market. That is at all levels, with a real focus on, attention to detail. We, listen, plan and then act. We are always willing to do whatever it takes to ensure our clients’ complete satisfaction. We have found this is the only way to ensure the best result possible, every time for our clients. With that, we take great pride in our understanding and our extensive expertise. This can only be gained through being in the industry for decades. This allows us to not only deliver a great service but to do it for the best prices to our customers. Simply put, it is our mission to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients every time.

George Manoussakis

Managing Director

George brings decades of experience and passion to our team. He has a firm desire to lead the company into a sustainable future of growth and professionalism.

George’s willingness to understand customer needs is his primary objective. This is clearly displayed in his technology investment, constant research into client and staff experiences, operational excellence, and the delivery of transparent information. Thinking critically and delivering better solutions are what drives him along with ensuring the highest levels of client satisfaction.

George will bring a new dimension to the portfolio and ensure that success is the only outcome.

Nikolaos Mavro

Chief Executive Officer

Nikolaos (Niko) is a highly respected executive with over 25 years in the Building Services Industry. Niko has extensive management experience and a track record in cleaning, security, energy optimisation, waste minimisation and water reclamation systems. He is also highly experienced in computerised aided facilities management (CAFM) and building management systems (BMS).

To date Niko has worked as the executive manager in both the private and public sectors and has developed in-depth, globally applicable skills and knowledge in servicing many sectors such as retail, commercial and industrial assets, health, international events and venue management, as well as government and public works.

Niko’s focus and contribution will be on growth, innovation, diversity and delivering wins for all stakeholders.

Prabin Shrestha

Chief Operating Officer

Prabin is our Chief Operating Officer and has been with the company for the past 25 years. Holding a Bachelor of Business, Prabin is a natural leader with a passion for team building and a flair for promoting positive company culture.

He is service-oriented and highly energetic in the handling of multiple responsibilities and delivering outcomes. Microsoft, TAB Corp, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Parklea Correctional Centre, Bayer Australia and Laverty Pathology are some of the clients that Prabin enjoys managing. He is strategic thinker and will prepare the teams to execute on task and in alignment with our contractual requirements. His experience and dedication will be a valuable asset.

John Conomos

Business Development Manager

John has over 14 years’ experience in the cleaning, security and maintenance industry. He is a strategic thinker who prides himself on operational excellence and exceptional service delivery outcomes.

John has the knowledge, skills and experience to understand and support his clients. He actively motivates his team in the pursuit of continuous improvement and takes great pride in high-level performance to achieve business goals. John enjoys forming strong relationships with his team and clients to ensure seamless delivery.

His supervisory and quality assurance experience within the aircraft maintenance industry servicing Qantas, Eastern Airlines and Ansett has provided John with invaluable strengths and understanding of process methodology, critical organisational and solution structure and as well as auditing policies and industry best-practice.


Hayden Charles

Managing Director, Indigenous Commercial Cleaning and Social Responsibility Advisor

Hayden is a community-minded leader and advocate for First Nations Indigenous issues. As social responsibility advisor, Hayden is at the forefront of SKG’s vision and purpose to acknowledge the role of Indigenous culture in our sustainable future and to actively provide employment opportunities for First Nations people.

Hayden brings his vision and extensive experience working with community groups to SKG Services. He ensures the company meets all key performance indicators and excels in service delivery, while maintaining positive community connection and engagement.

Holding an Advanced Diploma in Event Management, Hayden is a recognised youth leader with an exemplary track record in Indigenous advocacy. As National Chairperson for UAICC National Youth, Hayden will provide unique advisory regarding cultural acknowledgment and service outcomes.

Julie Statevski

National General Manager, Human Resources, People & Culture

Julie has been part of the SKG team since 2017 and brings over 15 years of experience working in a fast-paced customer service environment. She possesses key strengths in organisational and prioritisation abilities, which are proven in her support of numerous projects and timely deliverables, including maintaining strong stakeholder relationships.

Julie is dedicated to developing efficient processes using her knowledge of recruiting, employee relations, training and development, and auditing. She is highly methodical and is well established in managing the administrative team in a fast-paced and challenging environment while meeting all deadlines.

Julie is responsible for the recruitment of staff and the pre-qualification of subcontractors. Additionally, she manages the onboarding process for all new staff and subcontractors, including the creation of onboarding packs and verifying that all new hires are compliant with required regulations, policies, and compliances.

Valerie Alterio

Chief Financial Officer

Valerie is SKG Services’s financial controller and with vast experience as a business analyst and change management specialist within broad company structures. She is passionate about change planning, process enhancement and driving an efficient, positive and cohesive organisational culture.

Valerie is a passionate financial controller with a customer-centric approach. Holding a Bachelor of Business in Accounting, she uses her insights to deliver hassle-free experiences and deliver real change. Having worked in audit for a chartered accounting firm, Valerie drives process improvement to and leads industry best practice for SKG Services.

Valerie is responsible for ensuring the efficient financial management and financial controls necessary to support all business activities for the portfolio. Her main role is high level financial reporting and analysis, development of financial strategies, cash flow management, budget forecasting and improvement processes and procedures.

Peter Vrahas

General Manager – Business Development

Peter has been with SKG for over 11 years and has a proven ability to deal with the competing demands of managing multiple projects and motivating his team to achieve their objectives.

Peter manages all activities related to the preparation and submission of tenders as well as business growth and development. Holding Diplomas in business marketing and legal services, as well as range of industry qualifications and certifications in safety, infection control and emergency response, Peter acutely analyses and compiles data on each site factor of the tender influencing costs such as labour, materials, equipment and location.


pic ryan

Ryan Kerseboom

Security Operations Manager

Ryan has a double masters degree in policing, intelligence and counter-terrorism, and international security and a bachelor degree in security, terrorism and counter-terrorism. He has worked in the government and private security sector for around 15 years. With a unique insight acquired from academic vigour and diverse practical exposure alike, Ryan is capable of integrating the knowledge and skills of both approaches simultaneously.

Ryan maintains an inspired and consultative mindset regarding the current dynamics of the security environment in Australia and beyond, with an eclectic appreciation for the extensive considerations of any security stakeholder.

Core Values

SKG’s core values are the same today as they were at their inception. We believe that building a good working relationship with the cleaning staff is a key factor in retaining them. Supporting staff with their concerns & issues is essential as shown in our training points below:

SKG's Core Values

Our Principles

Fair Pay - Cleaners will be paid according to the Cleaning Services Award 2010.

Fair Workload - SKG Management will always ensure that cleaners are treated fairly with workloads. This ensures that the highest level of service is delivered to the client.

Recognition - SKG rewards it’s staff through various means, including cleaner of the month award, gift certificates, positive feedback amongst other means.

Respect - SKG does not discriminate, and treat staff equally.

Staff Training - SKG provide training and development to all cleaning staff. Incentives are also offered to keep the cleaning staff engaged and knowledgeable with developments in the cleaning industry and its changing environment and issues.

Support - SKG have on-line training available that staff can access remotely from any location to keep up to date with new cleaning techniques and test themselves in Manual Handling Modules, Safety Modules and Chemical Awareness Modules. SKG Area Managers also provide onsite training and inductions, after hours training and tool box meetings allowing cleaners to express their concerns and issues.

Array of Our Clientele

Our clients include all layers of government, small, medium and large organisations, and the region's leading facility managers. From commercial offices to correctional centres; hospitals to healthcare facilities; schools to shopping centres. We support clients with one site and others with very large geographically-dispersed portfolios. And we support clients via both long-term contracts and one-off assignments.