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HR Onboarding Cleaner Guide

The employee onboarding process is a introduction for new employees to get to know their SKG Services and to upload digital onboarding documentation.

Please allow 10 minutes to provide some personal information:

  • Upload a copy of either your passport, birth certificate, working rights here in Australia
  • Police Check
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • Security Clearance
  • Banking Details , Tax File Number and Superannuation Details

You can access the form by clicking the link in the email sent to you by SKG Services.

1. An invitation will be sent by SKG inviting to Onboard. Click on the “Complete Onboarding” to start the process.

2. This will open a link to complete a 6-Step process

a) Step 1: Personal Details, Creating an Account, Experience, Availability

  • A red asterix means that that field is required 
  • Click the next and previous button to move forward or backwards between the steps
  • Click “save” to save your progress and “resume” later. Please remember the password you entered as part of step 1

Step 1 of the Form

Step 1 of the Form - Address

cleaner onboarding04



If you are an Australian citizen:

If you are not an Australian citizen

b. Step 2: Qualifications, Licenses, Skills, Police Check/Security Clearance



The police check is mandatory

If the security clearance and security license is in place, then select “Yes” if applicable and add the relevant information.

c. Step 3: Medical Information

d. Step 4: Bank Details

Please manually download the PDF Tax form and Super Form, fill it in digitally and then upload it.

(Alternatively, you can print the form, fill it in by hand and upload it)

Please make sure that you fill in both forms to ensure that you get paid.

Super fund nominated by employer (automatically filled)

If you choose to use SKG Services default Super Fund then the details are pre-filled in for you.

e. Step 5: Required Documents to Read and Corporate Induction

Please acknowledge that you have read the documents and complete the online corporate induction.

The form is highlighted in “Green” to indicate that the staff has chosen the correct answer

Red indicates that the staff chose the wrong answer

When Submitting the Induction with a Wrong answer(s) then you will receive the error message below.


Completing the Induction

You have the option to download the certificate


Step 6: Letter of Engagement

Please sign and confirm you letter of Engagement

3. Submitting the Form

After submitting the form, you will receive a thank you page. The team will be in touch shortly and you will receive an email confirmation confirming your Onboarding.

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